Hachimichi was conceptualized in mid-2018 and was incorporated on 1st November 2018 with the aim of making toilets comfortable for its users. The core of our performance delivery depends on an electronic toilet seat which is to be mounted on existing ceramic commodes. This seat is highly automatized and enables users with anti-bacterial protection and daily tracking of health status. Technology such as connectivity, IoT and artificial intelligence will be brought to your toilets through these seats. No user will have to touch any exposed or unhygienic surfaces and all the activities will be done by just pressing buttons on a panel attached to the seat. No manual seat lifting, no manual handle sprays or posterior cleaning. With strong structure and prevention of water leakages, users will get completely comfortable, aesthetic and maintenance-free toilets.

For customers willing to forgo the bidet, we have a variant designed only with a heated toilet seat and plastic cover roll that can be changed with every use just with the press of a button. Apart from the toilet seat, we also deal with auxiliary toilet equipment like automatic deodorizer and advertisement displays.