Attention! It’s time to value toilets!

Every one of us at some point ignores the importance of toilets and ignore the boon that we are owning by retaining the cleanliness and good health by using good toilets in our home, office or wherever we use it. It is difficult to mention public places, because yes at some point, public toilets can’t be taken into account for cleanliness.

Ever wondered, one of the significant elements for the country’s progress, economic conditions, cleanliness, health is something which is taken for granted every day: “toilets”.

Today’s Reality?

Considering ‘toilets’ as a boon is questionable at some point but that’s because we all are owning it so easily. Bringing data of our country as a reference, at the present moment 564 million people are not using toilets and that’s clearly just under half of our population. Not toilets, then what? These people are going for open fields, railway tracks, garbage dumps, parks, and roadside ditches as an option which clearly depicts the danger for health issues like diarrhoea and other non-traceable deadly diseases especially for children and this is actually happening every day in our country and is increasing at a high pace signalling the need of the hour: more and better toilets.

A fact that cannot be ignored at any point is clearly that we need to focus on rural India more than anywhere else. 61% of the population defecate in the open, it is practised among all socio-economic groups in rural parts whereas in urban India, 10% of the population practice open defecation.

Above all is the fact that the country’s capital, ‘Delhi’ is a place where more than half of the children living in slums are in reality not using toilets.


Believing the open defecation is still ‘normal’ in some parts which are a practice started years ago but it is the high time to bring people together against this issue and work altogether for a solution: letting people know the importance of the toilets and assure they are using every single day as a habit.

Undoubtedly, the importance of toilets is not limited to the mass production so that it reaches each and every individual of our country but also to the innovation and futuristic approach for the modern toilets leading to better inventions contributing as a step towards better economy and country.

Ray of hope?

And, people are clearly heading towards the direction of betterment and modernization and an example justifying this statement is that 26-year-old individual brilliantly invented Indian toilet so as to make it easy and pain-free for the elderly. At some point, yes, it is ironic that India is the same country where some individuals consider open defecation as a ‘normal’ practice and in some other part people are working to better the conditions of the toilet as their aim.

Steps taken by the government?

‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is yet another example depicting ‘toilets’ as an important factor for the country and its population. Government too is working their best for the betterment of the toilets and they did it to some extent as the latest data from the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) portal suggests that 27 out of India’s 36 states and Union territories are now open defecation free (ODF) with 98.6% of Indian households having access to toilets.

Some of the most innovative toilets invented:

  1. SafiChoo Toilet

This inexpensive toilet, made of plastic, intended to reduce oral-faecal contamination and the spread of water, sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases.

2. Bio-digester toilets

Based on the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) low-cost technology, the bio-digester is a simple toilet for treating human waste and providing safe sanitation facility.

3. Ecosan toilets

The best example of reusability is ‘Ecosan toilets’, there is no need to flush and the urine and faecal matter is utilized as valuable urea and manure. Which means sewage and manual scavenging will never be a problem.

4. Tent toilets

The best solution for open defecation, ‘Tent toilets’, this portable toilet can be set up anywhere and the waste is collected in a biodegradable bag that contains ‘ChemiSan,’ a material that helps to deodorize and decompose the waste.

5. Unmanned self-cleaning e-toilet

With the modernization of every aspect of society, here comes the toilet that is programmed to flush 1.5 litres of water after three minutes of usage. It can also be programmed to clean the platform with a complete wash-down after every five or 10 persons use the toilet. What an amaze!

Bottom line

Considered as the need of the hour: clean sanitation sets our mind up for the demand of the toilet for every individual but above all is the call for better innovations and futuristic approach towards the betterment of the country by modernizing the toilets.