Toilet etiquettes

Just like you have to follow table manners on the dining table, there are certain etiquettes to be followed inside a toilet – whether it’s public or private. How a person uses the toilet can reveal a lot about them. Bad aim? Reckless and insensitive. Forgot to flush? Careless. Hogging the cubicle for longer than necessary? Selfish. If you don’t want the person who uses the booth after you to secretly wish ill on you, hygiene brand Hachimichi brings you a few habits you should inculcate before your next pee break.


1. Seat up, seat down

 If you’re a man and you’re confused about the mumbo-jumbo around lifting the toilet seat, we’re happy to simplify it for you. If you’re standing up, lift the seat and then aim. Once done, put the toilet seat back down again. And if you spot Hachimichi’s Seat O’ Fresh in the restroom, you don’t have to worry about this formula, because the plastic covering the seat will protect it from any kind of ill-aimed dripping anyway.


2. Double check the locks

 Locking the door to the toilet should be pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do it, or think they’ve done it when they actually haven’t. For the benefit of your bottoms, double check the locks – it only takes an extra second.


3. Trash in the trash can, please

 There’s a dustbin in there for a reason, and it’s not to add to the décor. Kindly refrain from flushing your toilet paper, sanitary products, chewing gum, unpaid bills, hopes, dreams or unwanted goldfish down the toilet.


4. But do flush the important stuff

Nobody wants to enter a toilet to find a special package waiting for them in the toilet bowl. However busy you might be juggling the many thoughts in your head, forgetting to flush after doing your business is simply unacceptable. 


5.  Don’t be a chatterbox

 There’s many places to explore the socialite in you – a toilet is not one of them. Try not to engage in conversation with the people using cubicles or urinals adjacent to yours. And please, don’t accept phone calls when you’re already busy attending nature’s call.


6. Thou shalt not hog

 A public toilet, especially in bars, restaurants and malls, has to tend to the needs of a lot of people. Try and make your visits short, so that it can accommodate the other desperate people in the inevitably long queue. 


7. Conserve water

 A lot of water is wasted in toilets. The consumption can be minimized to a great extent by rectifying a few bad habits. All you have to do is turn off the taps when not in use, refrain from double flushing unless absolutely necessary, and report a broken flush or tap if it’s leaking.


With these seven toilet etiquettes and Hachimichi’s evolved hygiene products, toilets can be made better, safer and smarter.

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