Terms and Conditions Under Subscription Plan of SeatO’fresh

Duration: One year OR as per Invoice. Renewed automatically, unless revoked in written.

SeatO’fresh machines are deployed on loan/rental basis to the Customer and will remain property of the Hachimichi for the entire duration, unless Customer exclusively purchases those machines from Hachimichi.

Terms of use:

  • Customer shall use Rolls and accessories provided only by Hachimichi, failing which machine warranty stands void and Customer may become liable for further penalty
  • Customer shall NOT make or cause or permit to be made any alteration, amendment, or modification to the SeatO’fresh without the Company’s prior approval in writing
  • Customer shall NOT sell or offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, sub-let or lend out the SeatO’fresh machines or in any way part with possession, legal and physical or under its control and to prevent the creation of any charge or lien thereon.
  • Either party can terminate this agreement by giving 15days of advance notice period. Upon termination of this agreement, Customer agrees to return all SeatO’fresh machines in clean, working, and ready to transport package.
  • In case of premature termination of AMC, billing will be adjusted based on monthly subscription plan.

Inspection and upgrades:

  • Hachimichi representative shall be granted access to installed SeatO’fresh at any time during normal business hours. Customer shall allow entry to the premises and provide necessary facilities for the purposes of inspection. Hachimichi shall adhere to the standard protocol laid down by the Customer.
  • Hachimichi is continuously bringing upgrades to make whole SeatO’fresh eco-system more robust and meaningful to its stakeholders. Customer shall allow Hachimichi to modify, replace, or amend SeatO’fresh and related accessories whenever such upgrades have been made ready for market deployment.

Refundable Deposit:

  • Customer shall pay mutually agreed security deposit against the installed machines.
  • Customer shall subscribe to either monthly or annual plan, under which warranty, maintenance visits, packaging of rolls and their deliveries will be provided.
  • In case SeatO’fresh machines are not in use, Customer shall immediately hand them over to Hachimichi. Regardless of whether the machines are being operated or not, if the customer has not handed them over to Hachimichi, then they are liable to pay according to their subscribed monthly OR annual plan.
  • Upon checking conditions of all the returned machines and adjusting remaining dues, security deposit shall be refunded by Hachimichi to the Customer.

Payment Terms:

Being a start-up, Hachimichi works under a critical working capital, and we hope to receive Customer’s supports in our journey through timely payment. Hachimichi does not offer any credit terms. Payment must be either in-advance or against the delivery. In rare cases, based upon the brand’s reputation and business volume, we may extend credit up to 15 days after the date of invoice.

1st warning/reminder after 30 days of invoice.

2nd warning/reminder after 40 days of invoice.

Penalise with 20-50% additional as late fees after 60 days of invoice.

Suspend operations after 75 days of invoice. Payment remains due. Hachimichi shall proceed for legal action.

Hachimichi’s Business/Service Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00AM-06:00PM

Terms and Conditions are liable to change without consent of the Customer. Latest Terms and Conditions will be uploaded at https://www.hachimichi.com/shop/terms-and-conditions

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